Sofas in pink

A pink sofa can be a very interesting bet for the living room, a risky and colorful choice that goes out of the ordinary. There are many alternatives to the usual ideas, and this is one of them, designed for those who want to introduce a small note of color that contributes to the environment a different dynamism.

Armchairs in pink 1

Because in addition the pink It is not an exclusive color of women or of feminine environments , but it can be used in very different styles and in very different ranges, as we are going to see.

Armchairs in pink 2

Some ranges seek the glamor , while others, closer to pastel shades, propose create more romantic atmospheres or even in pop style .

Armchairs in pink 3

In any case, the contribution of the rose will give a lot of stylistic play, and from this essential piece, that of a sofa, we can build different environments by recreating ourselves in a host of decorative accessories and chromatic games.

Armchairs in pink 4

In its range closest to violet and eggplant tones, and combined with the delicacy of white, you can create an environment as delicate and elegant as that of the upper image.

Armchairs in pink 5

But also proposals with absolute glamor (above) and a very casual pop style (below).

Armchairs in pink 6

Armchairs in pink 7

In addition, the combination of pink and black will give attractive results, enhancing the warmth of one color and the elegance of the other.

Armchairs in pink 8

In more artistic environments, the choice of pink brings a unique beauty, a casual style.

Armchairs in pink 9

Armchairs in pink 10

In contemporary homes, a piece in this electric rose tone brings light and color. For this tone it is best to accompany with accessories in equally vital tones, like those touches of yellow.

Armchairs in pink 11

Armchairs in pink 12

Armchairs in pink 13

We are also lucky, because this so grateful color can be combined with all the others and create spaces as fun and attractive as those of these proposals.

Armchairs in pink 14

The pink fits with very diverse textures, from the wood to the vaporous fabrics, the curtains with style naïff or the design furniture.

Armchairs in pink 15

Armchairs in pink 16


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