Snowflakes for your Christmas table

A good idea for your Christmas table is beautiful and original is to choose a theme from which to create the decoration of it. In this example we present the central idea are the snowflakes with their starry shapes and their white and blue colors. As you can see, it does not take much to assemble an original, fresh and modern decoration.

Idea for the Christmas table 1

Choosing the right complements will be fundamental to recreate this idea. The glassware for example can help us greatly as you can see above with the original glasses that resemble ice.

Idea for the Christmas table 2

A table runner made with pearls set in both white and blue is another great idea to remember the cold aspect of the snowflakes. Then we also have the various recreations of stars that form the snowflakes to crystallize. They are models that we can assemble in cardboard or if we have more time and resources even cut out in wood to use as coasters.

Idea for the Christmas table 3

The blue plates and especially the water bottles of the same color are an incredible contribution to the idea of ​​ice and the frozen world of winter. But we need a little contrast so that the decoration is not excessively cold, despite being dedicated to cold and snow, that contrast can be included simply with a few candles on the table in candle holders that increase the warmth of the light. Choose the theme you choose you have to think about consistency and contrast as essential elements to get a good result.


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