Small well-ordered decorative elements

The small decorative objects are a nice decorative idea but we are always in danger of falling into disorder and chaos. That is why it is important to have them always under control, using containers of different types we will have our small collections or those objects that we like always ordered.

Well-ordered decorative accessories 1

A transparent glass bowl is a great option to store small objects that we like. Above we see a magnificent collection of matchboxes kept in a crystal bowl. They are ordered and also create a beautiful effect with all its color.

Well-ordered decorative accessories 2

Well-ordered decorative accessories 3

An old candy box can be used to store cards or notes or anything else of small size. A retro air tray will serve us to have the perfume bottle, the lipstick, some jewel, those things that we use every day and that way we have more at hand and tidy.

Well-ordered decorative accessories 4

Well-ordered decorative accessories 5

Keep the glasses in storage boxes designed for them will allow us to keep them always ready and especially in place. When we store bedding or bath linen on shelves in view we can use ribbons to tie the various pieces.

Well-ordered decorative accessories 6

Well-ordered decorative accessories 7

The order, we must never forget, is the basis of any decoration. No decorative style can be beautiful if there is no order in its expression. But removing things from view, especially when they are small, can lead to oblivion. It is very interesting, almost essential, to mark the boxes, suitcases or any storage system that we use with its content. We can use labels or tapes that wrap boxes and other storage elements to detail what they contain.

Well-ordered decorative accessories 9

A simple shelf made with wooden squares and a small piece of marble will give us a place to store those toiletries that we use every day and fits in any corner of the bathroom.


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