Small Valentine's ornaments

Are you preparing the Valentine's Day to surprise your partner and still do not know how to decorate your home? There are many options that arise, from the classic decorations with hearts and red roses in centerpieces, to the romanticism of the candles or the flower petals. Although there is undoubtedly much more: small blows of effect that, distributed throughout the home, will make the interior space dynamic with great joy.

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They are optimal solutions for people who do not have much time for decorating their home, but who want to give a personalized and very innovative environment for this special occasion. We propose the following ideas, some of them more original and others more classic, but always cheap, fast and simple to carry out.

Sweets and candies: trays of sweets and candies scattered around the house are the ideal complement to begin to set the home from morning.

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Bouquets of "lollipops": We continue with the sweets, this time personalized as small vases with flowers. Fun and stimulating.

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Cupcakes: Whether you are a great baker, or if you prefer to buy them, the traditional "cupcakes" for lovers will bring to your table all the magic of Cupid.

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Petals: more traditional, this proposal can not miss in the bedroom, spread over the quilt, sheets and pillow, or in the bathroom, floating on the surface of the bathtub.

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