Small surprising details for the bedroom

Do you plan to redecorate your bedroom and would you like to know some ideas? These are some proposals that you can introduce in your design, based on those small details that manage to give personality and light to a specific place and with which you will be able to define the style of your rooms.

A good way to start is by playing with colors: use them, contract them and have them present in more than one decorative object. The color can define by itself the interior design of a bedroom, as in this case, where the lavender contrasted with white and two ranges of blue (light blue and navy blue), achieves a very successful effect. It is about giving a single color more prominence, but that is well supported by other tones. The result can not be better: there is light, clarity, harmony and style.

Decorative details for room 1

Do you like comfort? If the answer is yes, put it into practice. Fill the bed with cushions and cushions that will make you feel more comfortable, add a nice headboard to your bed, give the bedroom more light. All these small details can be very definitive, since sometimes, with minimal gestures, we gain in style and that makes us feel more comfortable.

Decorative details for room 2

Decorative details for room 3

Decorative details for room 4

Another idea to get fascinating indoor environments is to achieve relaxing sets. A proposal like that of this room, to which the sobriety and elegance of the furniture is joined by the incredible landscape behind the headboard. Do you think it's real? It could be, and you could get it by also placing a mural or a poster on the wall. Illuminate with lamps and you will create an effect as realistic as the one seen here.

Decorative details for room 5

You can use original lamps to achieve a more intimate and attractive lighting. Hanging lamps are usually a practical resource, as they always favor.

Decorative details for room 6

Also use them to add stylish badges for your room, like this red lamp that creates a romantic and very feminine effect in the bedroom.

Decorative details for room 7

For the children, the details are not lacking either. This bedroom earns many points by placing very special beds for the little ones in the house. Taking advantage of its structure, we can create a magical world for them with drawings and other crafts as fun as these.

Decorative details for room 8


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