Small loft with hidden features

This compact and innovative loft is actually a hotel room. Of course not of any hotel but of a new concept within the hospitality industry that was born in the city of Amsterdam, Holland. A different space that aims to offer new professionals a space to spend the night and work at the same time when they move to the city of the channels.


The name of the hotel already tells us a little about its philosophy, Zoku , which in Japanese means family, tribe or clan. The idea has been shaped by the architecture cabinet concrete of Amsterdam.


The apartment is designed so that the client can reside long periods and therefore integrates all the usual services of a home. And all this in the space of a hotel room. It has a thousand and one hidden storage spaces and even the stairs to go up to the bedroom are retractable, when they are not used they can be stored under the bed module and gain a good space in the living-dining area.


The bed is located in the upper module and has the essentials to sleep. The wall of the upper module that communicates with the rest of the room is made with a lattice of wooden slats. It preserves intimacy and avoids the feeling of overwhelm.


It is a fairly simple but very clever design that perfectly meets the needs of anyone who needs to stay out of their home for a long time. It is also an idea that can be applied perfectly to decorate any small loft.


The living area, the dining room and the kitchen occupy a good part of the loft and it is the clearest and easiest part of the circulation.


Natural light is another element of this complex framework that forms the design of this small loft. Small well-lit spaces are always much more pleasant and livable.


The kitchen is small but very complete. It has everything that anyone needs in their daily lives but will start preparing complicated dishes.


The modules are a magnificent work of carpentry that offer the guest a lot of storage space and various workspaces. As you can see, the customer can keep his / her bicycle in the room, something essential in a city like Amsterdam.


The bathroom is composed of the essential services and is located in the back of the kitchen. A logical situation to take advantage of water pipes and downspouts. The small loft is a whole box of surprises that will surely make the hotel guests enjoy their stay.


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