Small cozy patios and balconies

Having and enjoying an outdoor space at home is a great advantage. Unfortunately not everyone can enjoy a large garden, patio or terrace, especially the majority of people who live in cities where the square meter is certainly expensive. Then, hopefully, you can have a small patio, terrace or balcony. Well even those small outdoor spaces can be taken a lot of advantage with a little insight and ingenuity.

Patios and balconies 1

This elegant living area has been set up in a small courtyard but the combination of furniture and textiles makes it a place where you want to have a good time, either alone or in company.

Patios and balconies 2

This one has a more rustic air but the contrast between the stone wall and the wooden floor is fantastic, and it is all very happy because of the coloring that the plants and the decorative complements provide.

Patios and balconies 3

Patios and balconies 4

Patios and balconies 5

Minimalist expressions, so small, of course, of a patio or a terrace that despite the inconveniences have been resolved in an original and elegant way. A place to sit and an occasional auxiliary furniture, the truth is that it does not need much more as we can see in the three examples above.

Patios and balconies 6

Patios and balconies 7

Patios and balconies 8

The decoration with vintage outdoor furniture is another very interesting option and they stand out even more if we have good vegetation around.

Patios and balconies 9

Patios and balconies 10

Patios and balconies 11

Although the modern outdoor furniture, made of exotic woods that perfectly support the inclement weather, there is nothing wrong. A small pond as we can see in the first image of this series is pleasant and refreshing.

Patios and balconies 12

Patios and balconies 13

Patios and balconies 14

Patios and balconies 15

The views, the landscape seen from our cozy outdoor corner is what it is and we can not do much about it. But there is always the odd little trick that will allow us to improve the horizon as in the mirror image hanging on the wall, a fantastic idea that will improve our patio or balcony.

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