Small Christmas arrangements

The shopping centers have already removed the Christmas decorations and its shelves have been filled with nougat and Christmas sweets. The commercial strategy is underway, Christmas is just around the corner. If we want to prepare original and handmade arrangements we have to start as soon as possible. Here we bring you a few ideas to decorate the whole house with original compositions of easy preparation.

Christmas decoration ideas 1

Decorating the dining room chairs with ribbons, vegetation and a typical Christmas element is a very effective resource to have the area dedicated to family gatherings according to the celebrations. After all, the family at this time gather around the table.

Christmas decoration ideas 4

Christmas decoration ideas 12

Christmas decoration ideas 2

Candles are another attractive resource and one that should never be missing in all Christmas decoration . We can make different arrangements with candles in lanterns or arranged in jars decorated with water and seasonal fruits. The vegetation should never be absent, except if we opt for something more sophisticated like rhinestones.

Christmas decoration ideas 3

Christmas decoration ideas 8

The decor of the entrance doors is also a classic, the typical Christmas wreath is usually the most used. On this occasion, why not innovate and opt for something more original? two good solutions, a nice bag hanging on the door with some allusive element or a small Christmas tree can be two very successful possibilities.

Christmas decoration ideas 6

Christmas decoration ideas 9

And for the great lovers of Christmas we propose you to decorate the bedrooms and we show you two options, a classic, with all the elements and colors typical of the festival or a modern and minimalist with beautiful ice stars hanging behind the headboard of the bed coordinated with the colors of the room.

Christmas decoration ideas 11

Christmas decoration ideas 5

For the hall or the living room two beautiful compositions of side table, one made as a buffet and the other loaded with gift boxes. Hospitality, hospitality and generosity are aspects of Christmas that are traditionally demonstrated by offering food and gifts to our visitors and loved ones.

Christmas decoration ideas 10

Christmas decoration ideas 7

To show the congratulations received, an old window leaf will give a vintage touch to our Christmas decorations and we will also have them organized. The centerpieces are another essential element for the celebratory meals, the proposal of the superior photo is delicate, elegant and original.


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