Small bathrooms

Sometimes we do not have the space we would like, but that also gives us a great advantage. When decorating, placing the elements carefully, they will be more welcoming and visual. You just have to know how to take advantage of the circumstances.

Small bathrooms

The luminosity is a great ally that will make our room of bathroom Look a little bigger and roomier. The bathroom barely takes up space, and by hand there are carts where we can save space with towels and keep them always close. The bathtub also has a glass screen without distortion. This detail is important, since the crystal shortens space and lets in light.

Small bathrooms 1

This bathroom is of a more artistic and colorful style. It contains the ideal furniture to store small items and is very useful space, thanks to the chrome shelving with a wooden shelf. The wall-to-wall mirror is a great idea to visually increase the bathroom space.

Small bathrooms 2

This bathroom takes full advantage of the space. It has a made-to-measure wooden furniture that serves as support for an over-sized sink with built-in tap. It has a shower cabin with screen instead of a bathtub, saving a lot of space. The bidet and toilet have been blown up. The built-in tank lightens the space again. The wardrobe takes advantage of the area so that it is not too empty without taking up space.

Small bathrooms 3

The strength of this bathroom is the furniture with huge drawers under the sink, so that it does not take space and is used. The contrast of colors creates a current image.


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