Small apartment with a lot of style

This small apartment located in a building in the city of Linnestaden, Gothenburg (Sweden) is a good example of how to take advantage of a rather small space by charming decoration.

Small apartment in pure style 1

The Nordic style, which could not be lacking as is logical, makes its way between a small mixture of underlying styles: a bit of vintage, modernism and classicism. But always with the intention of optimizing the space to the maximum, taking advantage of the available resources, in this case through the taste for detail.

Small apartment in pure style 2

Small apartment in pure style 3

Thus, there is no shortage of details that force us to look in all directions, and to this we must add an influx of colors that sets in motion an interesting idea: to wrap a rather cold primary space (with white and gray as main colors) ) in a range of secondary colors that revitalize and eventually prevail in all rooms.

Small apartment in pure style 4

The bedrooms break with this initial dynamic of the Nordic retail style and become more retrospective: wallpaper for the walls, an exquisite chandelier, vintage furniture ... The children's room is a paradise for them: cheerful and dynamic, an imaginative territory full of toys. The explosion of colors in this room contrasts with the design of the wall paper, much more sober.

Small apartment in pure style 5

Small apartment in pure style 6

The bathroom changes and its minimal design encourages us to talk about avant-garde and contemporary. Illuminated to the maximum, it is a space much less coquettish than the rest of the house, but it helps to consolidate a unique style for this small apartment.

Small apartment in pure style 7


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