Small and very elegant bathrooms

Let's see below a small selection of small bathrooms but elegant that will show you that elegance and good taste do not depend on the greater or lesser space available in your bathroom. It is preferable to have a bathroom that is coquettish and well decorated, not a huge and soulless room where it is impossible to feel comfortable.


It is clear that if one could choose they would prefer a large bathroom but many people prefer the privacy of a reasonable space. In addition, the maintenance of a small bathroom is always smaller.


Another point to keep in mind when we speak of small or big is that it is totally subjective appraisals. To many people some of the examples we present will seem enormous compared to the size of their own bathroom.



Most times, in a small bathroom, you have to choose between the bath or the shower. It is a very personal decision that totally depends on the taste of each one.


Although at first it seems more fortunate to choose the shower for a small bathroom. In general, any shower occupies less space than a bathtub.


Although this does not prevent both elements can be included in a bathroom of a relatively small size. Once again, it is up to each person to choose one or the other option.



Normally a small bathroom should be decorated in light colors so that the sensation of amplitude is greater. As well as to increase the luminosity of the space.


A good example of a small bathroom, above you can see a bathroom that has a toilet, sink and shower but instead has renounced the dish to offer a greater sense of space by creating a continuous space.



In small bathrooms, it is not only a matter of fitting all the components themselves, but also of providing storage space. The best thing is to opt for creating vertical storage spaces, with shelves or shelves and cabinets hanging on the wall.


Glass is also a material widely used in the decoration of bathrooms. It is basically used in shower enclosures and as zone separators. Its great quality is that it does not limit the vision and allows the passage of light. Key points when it comes to decorating a small bathroom.


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