Small and elegant bathrooms

We tend to identify elegance and sophistication with size, at least when we talk about homes and their corresponding stays. A bathroom is not more beautiful because it is large, on the contrary since then we must pay a lot of attention to its decoration so that it does not remain as a cold and soulless space. On the other hand a small bathroom is very easy to decorate it in an elegant way because we can achieve it with a few successful choices.

Small bathrooms 8

A very nice combination made in this tiny bathroom, an old kitchen table has been adapted as a piece of furniture for the sink. The coldness of the blue color chosen for the walls is compensated by the warmth of the furniture and the floor. If we add a successful complement as the basket we already have a very elegant bathroom.

Small bathrooms 9

Small bathrooms 10

This bathroom shows us that a good choice of materials and accessories can completely transform a small space giving it personality. Beautiful the lime scale!

Small bathrooms 12

The elegance is not a standard, obviously, and each person can interpret it one way or another. We have the simple elegance, as we saw before and we can also talk about sophisticated elegance that is what the owners of this serious bathroom wanted to convey. Noble materials, stone tiles to cover walls and floors, formal furniture and a general air that transmits a strong personality.

Small bathrooms 13

Small bathrooms 14

You may like more or less but of course as a whole transmits a great elegance although it may seem too formal and serious. The bathroom curtain is the best!

Small bathrooms 15

When you have the fortunate luck to be able to install a bathroom in the attic, it is essential to do so. Although you have to get into serious works and install a window for roof. Here we see what can be achieved ... a wonder. The main factor that intervenes in this bathroom is the light, that magnificent natural light that bathes the whole room. A decoration of shabby chic style and based on white color gives a great charm to this bathroom.

Small bathrooms 16

Small bathrooms 17

Small bathrooms 18

All the decoration is a beauty and the choice of white color as a base is very successful. The color note is reduced to accessories and is a great idea because we can change them according to our taste.

Small bathrooms 19

This bathroom would come to represent an intermediate point between what we had qualified before very formal and the casual style of the immediately previous one. A good choice between the washbasin cabinet, the faucet and the charming floor.

Small baths 20

Small bathrooms 21

The floor is the key piece in the decoration of this bathroom, entangled stone mosaic tiles that are easy to install despite its complex design. It brings a very elegant air to the environment and its colors fit perfectly with the rest of the decoration.

Small bathrooms 22

This bathroom decorated in vintage style is also a good example of what we have been talking about in this article. The space has its importance, it is undeniable, but it does not determine that a room is more elegant. Elegance is found in the correct choice of the different components of a decoration. And this can be achieved in any decorative style.

Small bathrooms 23

Small bathrooms 24

It is clear that some people will find a style more elegant than another but that depends on each person and is certainly very commendable. In this bathroom I can not help but highlight that very elegant bathtub with legs, it's a beauty!


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