Small and charming Parisian apartment

The blogger and designer Éléonore Bridge He moved three years ago to this charming apartment located in the XI district of Paris, a very fashionable place in recent times because of the great leisure offer. In this time, and using his knowledge, he has been experimenting until he has managed to give him the character he was looking for, cozy and intimate, in this limited space of only 35 square meters.


He has built an eclectic space where the rich personality and many interests that arouse the curiosity of its owner.


The wooden floor is always unique to give warmth to a space. More when we are in a construction of high ceilings that clearly denotes the antiquity of the building.


Pillows, that do not lack, since they also contribute to create that nest and refuge environment that one wants to find when one lives in the center of a populous metropolis.



The kitchen stands out for the use of white and wood that gives us that feeling of cleanliness and freshness that we all hope to find in it. The small green touch provided by the small plants also helps create a natural and relaxed space.


Despite the limited space available, the designer has installed a beautiful classic tub that really looks fantastic and allows you to enjoy a good hot bath.


Here we can appreciate how small the bathroom is and how our friend has managed so that nothing is missing. In several areas of the apartment we can appreciate the original wall of bricks that have been left to the air, it certainly deserves it.


When the area is scarce we have to climb a little and take advantage of the vertical space, in this case certainly abundant by the height of the roof.


A good collection of shoes arranged in a metal frame with industrial air and an old armchair make up the small dressing room.


Right, between the living area and the kitchen, is the work area composed of a simple white table and a desk chair.



The storage solutions are distributed throughout the apartment, integrated even in the most unexpected places. When we have many things, order is fundamental.


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