'Slot table', exclusive and versatile coffee table

"Slot table" is a center table designed by the interior designer Eric Pfeiffer in 2012. Geometric, versatile, elegant, sophisticated ... There are many adjectives that can accompany this piece of design, a piece of furniture characterized by having a totally transparent surface, reflecting on it and with extreme delicacy the objects that are around it.

Slot Table

In its exclusive appearance also highlights that small compartment that can be used, for example, but not only as a magazine. It can also be the perfect place to store your laptop or iPad, always at your fingertips and in a safe place.

Slot Table 4

Slot Table 5

The table can be placed horizontally or vertically without ever losing its usefulness or without varying its elegance. Each adopted position seems to turn this cubic geometry table into a different table. Every time we look at it, it will seem to be at a different table.

Slot Table 3

Undoubtedly, a collector's piece to decorate spaces with the vocation of contemporaries.

Slot Table 2

Photos: pfeifferlab.com

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