Six salons out of the ordinary

The decoration of these six rooms impacts for its beauty and for the way to create a different space, sometimes very far from what we are more used to find. In all of them are present some of the latest decorative trends most used by interior designers and decorators. There is something for everyone.

Different rooms 1

The first two rooms are an example of a modern space where light plays a very prominent role. Each decorative gesture and each detail of color acquires relevance thanks to a very successful application of the minimalist, a trend that returns with strength, as we have seen in other articles.

Different rooms 2

Closer to the artistic interiors, this third proposal plays with the visual elements in a very subtle way. Highlights, above all, the comfort of sofas that appropriate the space inviting us to relax between pieces of art and design ornaments, another of the latest trends of the season: the design accessories.

Different rooms 3

In the next room we highlight the use of seemingly disparate elements: from the vintage pieces and the rustic air that flies over the room, to a more contemporary air with sofas and a certain geometry in the arrangement of the ornaments. An eclectic style that plays to slide between several stylistic inclinations, achieving a very flattering result.

Different rooms 4

The warmth that comes from this other model is undoubted: for the colors used, for the seating arrangement and for its completely transgressive concept of space, creating a completely different place, where comfort reaches a new classification in the scale of comfort.

Different rooms 5

Finally we have this room in emerald green, the star color of the season. Sophisticated and elegant, this range of colors creates on this occasion a fascinating atmosphere, with 'retro' details that fall in love at first sight.

Different rooms 6


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