Six rooms with a lot of inspiration

The inspiration that these six bedrooms It is notable. Each decoration has been thought and cared for in an exceptional way, creating a world of its own, distinct and very personalized in each case.
Our first bedroom is a good example of how to create a youth room with personality and joy. The room is captivated by the numerous details, its color and its undoubted playfulness. Taking into account some details such as reindeer and shelter, we know that it is a room of a Nordic house. And although behind that window the landscape is frozen, inside this bedroom the warmth is the absolute protagonist.

Inspiring rooms 1

We changed the stage, this time a bedroom with ethnic and tropical tints. Centerpieces with fruits, flowers, ceramics, a canopy bed and very handcrafted materials make this bedroom a charming place, a place to get lost on special nights.

Inspiring rooms 2

This bedroom is more contemporary and also has a very interesting minimalist tone. The violet color breaks with the monotony that could prevail, giving it more visual attraction and magnetism. The decorative inspiration of the ceiling offers a more avant-garde air: in short, it is a youthful and fresh bedroom.

Inspiring rooms 3

More classic, this bedroom stands out for the elegance and tempera of its color. Although the gray dominates, the details in red and the floral environment give it a more sophisticated look. A sober and romantic room where light sharpens the senses.

Inspiring rooms 4

The green and brown make, in this case, a genuine environment and also a little tropical. The interior looks natural and the textures used for the bed are soft and silky.

Inspiring rooms 5

A much more modern and harmonious concept is that of our latest proposal. It is a modern bedroom, decorated in black and white and with an addition of green that breaks with the formal image given by these two colors. Symmetry and balance for a bedroom that suits all ages.

Inspiring rooms 6


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