Six ideas for small terraces

If you have a terrace o balcony small, you want to take advantage of it, but you do not know what type of furniture to buy or how to decorate it, these six ideas can give you an idea and a solution!
The proposal is of six different styles of furniture to decorate your terrace according to your budget and taste. The colors are beautiful and the materials are suitable for the exterior.

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In the first case, we can see a game of iron and wood. They are modern, light and resistant to inclement weather. But we must never forget that we must take care of them and clean them. Its approximate cost is 240 euros.

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This second idea is a garden game entirely made of iron, with a more conservative and old style. In this case the care to be had will be less since there are no woods, and iron, being a noble and resistant material, can last for many years. With time we can change it, its colors and cushions. Its approximate cost is 214 euros.

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The third proposal is a completely wooden game, lacquered in white. Without a doubt it is one of the most classic styles, typical in decoration. The chairs and table are foldable, so we can easily store them without taking up much space. Its approximate cost is 263 euros.

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A proposal as beautiful as the others, only in this case, in addition to being entirely of wood, is treated wood while maintaining the classic color of it. Table and chairs are foldable and enjoy the same benefits of the proposed three. Its approximate cost is 88 euros.

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For those who do not have much money available to decorate their terraces and not much space, this idea is ideal. A suspended table that attaches to the railing, a small stool and an umbrella. The approximate cost is 30 euros. The baskets complete the decoration in which we can place natural or artificial flowers.

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A final proposal in which a little more space is required. A game of plastic in bright colors and very fashionable. A material easy to clean and resistant, very modern and easy to accommodate given its light weight. But in terms of its cost, it requires a greater investment. Its approximate cost is 520 euros.
Choose your style according to your taste and budget and prepare your terrace for spring and summer!

Source: casadiez

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