Six ideas for a lovely master bedroom

Six ideas to make of your main room a charming space, modern, serene but always with glam!

Six ideas for a lovely master bedroom-06

In this first idea the proposal is very interesting. A variety of three shades of pale blue have been used on walls and ceilings, some of which are lighter than others, but on the main strip and to highlight the room the silhouettes of bare trees have been drawn. It is a different touch and at the same time, it gives elegance and serenity.

Six ideas for a lovely master bedroom-01

This is a room that you can not deny is beautiful. In the range of grays and with the modernity that gives the touch of color cement and details in cement. The headboard of the bed is crowned with a very modern picture in which the silhouettes of the couple can be seen. The paintings on the bedside tables and the fine gray fur rug complement the style.

Six ideas for a lovely master bedroom-02

A urban influence very marked. A brick wall that captivates on entering the room and furniture with simple but extremely modern lines. The wooden floor, the white color on the walls and the cushions and quilt give an incredible frame to this room.

Six ideas for a lovely master bedroom-03

A luxury room, very glazed and with unique details. The touch of color of the lamps and cushions are really remarkable and transform the environment. Very chic! For a very cosmopolitan couple !.

Six ideas for a charming master bedroom-04

Another room in pure luxury, pure glam! The skins are the undisputed protagonists of this decoration. And the works of art on the bedside tables are the perfect complement. A room worthy of a Hollywood star !.

Six ideas for a charming master bedroom-05

This room has a product design hand in hand with its owner. The decorative vinyl that simulate the trunks of trees or palm trees. The books next to his bed and in a painting a work of art of the owner of the room. Very simple, but with a lot of style!

Source: apartmenttherapy

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