Simple ideas to personalize the hall

The hall is the first place in the house that our visitors see and we already know that first impressions are the ones that count. It is not enough to have a clean and organized space, it is also good to notice our personality in it. And it is not necessary to complicate your life because there are simple ways to customize your receiver as we will see below.


Plasma our personality is always the best way to get a perfect and human decoration.


The photographers Lou Mora and Sarah Yates allow their personality to shine in the entrance with this artistic decoration and a funny pink sign.


The entrance may seem like an unexpected place to store a collection but this collection of perfume bottles looks great on the hall furniture. To highlight the use of orange to give coherence to the whole.


Coating the wall with works of art can also be a good way to personalize this welcome and distribution space.


A dark wall can be a good way to get out of social conventions when decorating our lobby. But do not forget to add some color and glamor.


A visit to the antique dealer or a flea market will help us to make our hall look different and original.


The receiver does not have to be an immovable space, it must change with us and for that it is good to keep changing. In this we see a carpet made with a carpet tile system that allows to change its layout.


This striking round mirror is enough by itself to personalize a receiver.


The wallpaper also offers us a great game when we want to quickly modify our hall. This wallpaper with geometric patterns separates and perfectly delimits the space of the hall of the rest of the apartment.

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