Simple DIY ideas to create your herb garden

If you like to cook, you can not live without fresh herbs near you. With these simple DIY ideas to create your herb garden you can have it as close to you as you want, in your garden, on your terrace, balcony or even inside the house in the same kitchen.


This herb garden is as practical as decorative, with this simple coffee table with space to install a planter you can grow your favorite aromatic herbs and at the same time decorate your terrace or your patio.



There are many decorative solutions to create your herb garden by reusing retired containers for other uses. Jugs, teapots, kettles, cups and any similar containers can be recycled to create an adorable herb garden.


Aromatic herbs tend to be easy and low maintenance crops. They are hardy plants and they grow in very diverse conditions, even upside down like this curious garden inverted.


This pallet allows us to create a large garden of aromatic herbs that can fit in any corner. On the terrace or even on a small balcony. Some wood or some geotextile cloth to create the containers, slate paint and chalks, you do not need more.


These precious canned pots form a garden as elegant as compact, it fits in any corner of the kitchen and also has a very decorative vintage air.


Another idea with pallet, this one more decorative if it fits with that subtle touch of color. Some supports and pots plus a little paint is enough for a great vertical garden.


Speaking of decorative herbs gardens we can not forget the wicker baskets or other vegetable fibers. They are easy to prepare, have a large capacity and are economical.


There are many projects of vertical gardens but this one stands out for its elegance and industrial air. It is made with wood, cans, threaded rod and little else.


The zinc basins and tubs, with their retro air, are also good containers to create a dense garden of herbs in any corner of the house.


Recovering an old wheelbarrow to turn it into an herb garden will give a decorative touch to our garden of the first order.


We could not miss the cut wine bottles, a classic in the DIY projects that we can find on the net. In this case three cut bottles and copper tube have been used to create a decorative coil that acts as a vertical support.


This decorative elevated bed painted and labeled offers a magnificent garden for aromatic herbs and even the occasional complement for salads or sauces.


A hanging herb garden made with metal baskets and chains allows us to have our esteemed herbs anywhere in the house.


This elegant wooden lattice, very easy to make, allows us to hang the pots we want with our favorite herbs.


And finally we have this fantastic vertical garden made with PVC gutters and that occupies very little space despite the fact that it offers us a large crop area.

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