Shower curtains: original designs

The details in the decor they are important: they can be the icing on the cake, the necessary complement to give personality to a specific place in the house and make us forget the small imperfections. Sometimes a single detail can illuminate a room and completely transform the environment.

Bathroom curtains 1

In this case we are going to see how the designs of these shower curtains They can give a new look to the bathroom. Although increasingly disused in the face of other alternatives such as the glass screen, today we claim the curtains as elements that can be fun and brighten the bathroom with many prints that completely flee from the monotony and the classic.

Bathroom curtains 2

Bathroom curtains 3

Bathroom curtains 4

In this way, something that can become a nuisance like a shower curtain, can also be a beautiful piece with a completely original and carefree design, something special that makes us smile.

Bathroom curtains 5

Bathroom curtains 6

We can find designs as different as we want: romantic, urban landscapes, children's, with a point of black humor, vintage, with movie posters, playful ... great and surprising ideas in all of them, so that a shower curtain never returns to Looks like the most boring thing in the world.

Bathroom curtains 8

Bathroom curtains 9

Bathroom curtains 10

Bathroom curtains 11

Bathroom curtains 12

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