Shoes converted into pots to decorate

If you are one of those people to whom the decoration seems a game, more than a discipline, and they like to innovate and devise new or surprising decorations, this is your article. And it is that the following proposals that we are going to present to you have a different character, spontaneous, very of walking by house (never better, in this case). It's about giving use of pots to old shoes .

Footwear as pots to decorate 1

If your apartment is bohemian; if you live next to a beautiful garden; If your terrace misses more geraniums or if, on the contrary, you want to get rid of the monotony with an originality ... dare with these ideas and give a new use to the word 'shoe'. It will serve as interior decoration and also exterior. You just have to find the most appropriate place to bring out your old heels or your sneakers and plant some poppies in them.

Footwear as pots to decorate 2

Footwear as pots to decorate 3

The proposal is fresh, surprising and available to all, whether or not you are expert gardeners. We just have to follow the same formula as if we were planting in a pot. There is no secret added, only the desire to reuse objects and find different decorations for our home. Because if we always did the same thing, it would be a bit boring, do not you think?

Footwear as pots to decorate 4

Footwear as pots to decorate 5


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