Shelves for bathroom

The shelves shelves for the bathroom they are practical and very common in our homes. They make everything more accessible and locatable, while playing an interesting function in decoration, displaying the toilet products and some other decorative accessory.

Shelves for the bathroom1

If you have some space available in the bathroom, take advantage of the space to place a small bookcase there and place some personal badge on it to make the bathroom more vivid. It can be the opportunity to put a small lamp if you need more lighting, add a vase with flowers, a bowl with oils or incense, an aromatic candle or anything else you want to add to your bathroom.

The shelves come very well for the corners, especially those located next to the mirrors. So everything is within reach: to cleanse, make up or comb your hair.


You can also place bath towels, to always have them within reach. The truth is that shelves are never going to be left over in the bathroom; On the contrary, having some more will be good if you need to add space. In addition, they can decorate with few objects and always introduce warmth to the environment, especially wood.


You can decorate them by following the style that most appeals to you: if you prefer more modern, minimalist or add some decorative vegetal detail to your liking. If you put the shelves near the bathtub, it may be the opportunity to create in them a small zen space that you can use in your relaxing bath sessions.


With small shelves located in a column, taking advantage of a rather small space of the wall, you can find quite effective spatial solutions. You can also combine shelves with several different shapes, colors or dimensions. Play with them and bet on another placement that is not the classic single file and deploy them diagonally, zig zag or as more attractive you find.



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