Shelves and cabinets for the bathroom

The most common problem, usually, in bathrooms is the lack of space. Getting enough storage space becomes a necessity and many times you have to sharpen the ingenuity. Either to get the necessary furniture or do it without incurring large expenses. Next we will see shelves and cabinets for the bathroom that will go very well for those who are not very large or are directly small.


Once again the solution, when there is not much horizontal space, is to resort to vertical. The walls allow us to install shelves and hang cabinets. From the simplest such as these shelves installed on the toilet cistern to built-in shelves or hanging cabinets.


Sometimes space is not required simply to store things but to decorate our bathroom with those small objects or plants that make our eyes happy.


There are many systems to anchor shelves in the wall. We only have to choose the one we like the most or enter within our budget.


And if we think that this storage system is not very aesthetic here we have an example of the opposite.


These shelves of rustic appearance give a special touch to this elegant bathroom.


These simple wooden shelves are perfect in this shabby chic bathroom.


Another more elaborate option is to embed the shelves or cabinets. Although we can not get much depth, instead the storage space will be flush with the wall without protruding. They are ideal for storing bath products, perfumes and cosmetics.


Its typical arrangement is next to the sink although they can be installed anywhere we have the possibility.


And they can be as elaborate as this one. It has decorative moldings that combine perfectly with the jars it contains.


If we can have more depth we can install a closet with glass door to store towels and other bathroom accessories.


This dark wood bookcase is a good place to have towels handy next to the bathtub.


If we can have more space or just a larger budget we can choose to install a bathroom cabinet that allows us to have the products and bathroom linen out of sight.


The bathroom cabinets, like the shelves, can be hung or recessed. The front of the closet can be mirror and thus we take advantage of the space much better.


This beautiful cupboard placed on the toilet is a great option to store towels, bath products and toilet paper.


There are many more ideas to store things in the bathroom. These rectangular baskets installed on the wall are a good example.


This simple wooden structure is easy to prepare by ourselves. It is decorative and functional.


Another creative and ingenious solution, wooden boxes painted in white screwed into the wall. Cheap and very practical.


Or these beautiful accessories in wrought iron. The possibilities are innumerable and the only limit is our ingenuity and our budget.

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