Shabby chic style in pink, white and blue

The elegance of shabby chic he lets himself be discovered in these proposals of interiors full of beautiful decorative nuances. This style allows us to use a wide palette of colors and combine it according to our personal taste, although this time we will focus on three colors that together or separately soften and illuminate the interiors of the home. We refer to pink, white and blue .

Shabby Chic style 1

The pink It is a very feminine color and recurrent in homes where the shabby chic is the dominant trend. With just a few strokes, but without getting to abuse this color palette, you can decorate a room with a lot of style, as we see in the image above. It is also the own color of the flowers, for that reason it is seen so much in the prints, cushions and carpets, decorated with these spring motives.

Shabby Chic Style 2

Blue desk, pink armchair and carpet of the same color recreate a period atmosphere, very baroque and seductive. Shabby chic in its purest state (top image). Next we see this beautiful room in ranges of blue and a little white. The vintage elements in gold, together with the relaxing blue, make up a very cozy and warm space.

Shabby Chic Style 3

Also in the kitchen, in the colorful walls and crockery dishes, these tones put the color note. The shabby chic is a very homelike style , as we are seeing.

Shabby Chic Style 4

Here are some proposals for the bedroom. The first is also more baroque, for rooms that recall past eras. Fuchsia pink and the clarity of blue dominate the bedspread. There are also details in gold color that give a very sumptuous look to the room.

Shabby Chic Style 5

This other room, on the other hand, is much simpler. A base in white on which the blue and pink in their softest ranges make their way through this children's bedroom that looks like something out of a fairy tale. And the shabby chic is like that, in some aspects it evokes fantasy worlds, do not you think?

Shabby Chic Style 6


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