Shabby chic style for baby rooms

The shabby chic is a decorative style that stands out for its femininity thanks to its warmth and its profusion in ornaments that are considered feminine, ruffles, ties ... But it also serves for any room in the house that we want to have warmth of home and that it is nice to be in it. Especially the baby room will be very well decorated in shabby chic style.


The bedding and matching curtains create a richly decorated space despite its simplicity.


Crafts are a great option to decorate a baby room in style shabby chic for very little money. Sometimes it will not take more than framing some nice pieces of cloth.


A practical and functional furniture is not incompatible with the style we are dealing with. And decorating a wall with frames is really easy.


We can also take advantage of the family's antique furniture, they will only need a coat of white paint.


In a shabby chic baby room you can also fit dark furniture like this black crib where pink and green bed linens stand out even more.


Decorating a wall with floral wallpaper will allow us to play with the combination of patterns and colors with the textiles of the room.


Textiles are fundamental in the decoration of a baby room in shabby chic style.


Shelves with toys, picture frames and other personal items will help create a personal atmosphere in our baby's room.


Incorporating furniture recovered or restored with a worn or unfinished finish will give a special touch to our baby's room.


The colors should be calm, as befits the style but above all much more in this case. White, pastel shades very clear, earthy colors are the basis for the shabby chic decoration of the baby's room.

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