Sewing machines: a vintage and industrial detail

The old mechanical sewing machines are a marvel of industrial design of the second half of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth. Some of them, those manufactured before 1900 are true jewels very sought after by collectors. But if we have inherited or could acquire any of these machines even if it is not so old we can decorate our house with them. Both in its original state as a decorative element, as renovating and using the support of the machine to give it other uses.

Sewing machine 1

Some interior designers have turned these old machines into a central element of their decoration. The support of the old sewing machine can serve as a desk, dressing table, side table and any other use that we can think of.

Sewing machine 2

Sewing machine 3

Sewing machine 4

They do not require much work, we can use them as they are with their particular temporary patina or we can paint them and give them a renewed look. We can also change the top board if it is in poor condition.

Sewing machine 5

Or adapt a marble countertop and use it as a piece of furniture for the bathroom sink.

Sewing machine 6

Sewing machine 7

It admits multiple customizations and uses. Its beautiful vintage and industrial design will make any of these machines stand out wherever we install it.

Sewing machine 8

Sewing machine 9

The combination with natural elements such as plants creates a beautiful contrast with its industrial design.

Sewing machine 10

We can even take advantage of parts of the structure like this pedal to create a beautiful and original coffee table.

Sewing machine 11

Sewing machine 12

An ideal place for a complete sewing machine, with structure and the machine itself will be fantastic in a hall for example.

Sewing machine 13

Sewing machine 14

Wherever we install it, it will become the center of attraction, we all remember the sewing machines of our grandmothers, they are a childhood memory engraved in our memory.

Sewing machine 15

Sewing machine 16

Sewing machine 17

Sewing machine 18

So watch and look for your sewing machine, you'll see that if you propose you get one without having to pledge your assets in it.


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