Separation of interior spaces with curtains

If we use curtains like separation of interior environments , we can achieve a cozy and beautiful environment, enhanced by this type of more exquisite separation. When we talk about curtains they do not have to be made exclusively of fabrics: they can also be designs formed by ornamentative pieces, in the style of hanging mobiles, only that they cover more space.

Separate rooms with curtains 01

This type of separation is delicate and bold to gain space, resulting in more segmented home environments. The interior of the room will seem more open and clear, being able to open the curtains whenever we want. They do not turn out to be as abrupt as doors and walls, but they maintain the same intimacy and recollection aspect, although this is not only the sole purpose. It can also be used as a decorative element that seeks to create a more vaporous and intimate effect. Thus, semitransparent silks and curtains in the rooms bring reminiscences of romantic interiors and bedrooms more typical of "Arabian Nights".

Separate environments with curtains 02

Separate rooms with curtains 04

Separate environments with curtains 03

We have to take into account the type of curtain we will use. Thick fabrics are ideal as a thermal insulator, while fabrics made with other lighter materials favor air flow between the rooms and make them rest in summer better, not being so overwhelming.

Separate rooms with curtains 05

Separate rooms with curtains 06

Separate rooms with curtains 07


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