Separates rooms with screens and glazed panels

The screens and glazed panels not only serve us in the bathroom or in institutional buildings. In our house and in any part of it, we can use these building accessories to separate the different environments of the house without renouncing natural light. There are many houses that because of their orientation, exterior windows or internal partitions enjoy little natural light, with these valuable allies we can make the most of natural lighting.


For interior kitchens that do not have an entrance of light from the outside are a great solution that as in this case can also help to achieve the desired effect not only practical but aesthetically. These metallic panels where the crystals are framed help the kitchen to have that vintage-style industrial look that was sought with that magnificent island of cement.


In the right circumstances, as in this loft, the glass and metal structures can be used to circumscribe certain areas with a nice wink like this greenhouse kitchen.


In the enclosure of this bathroom, the French designer Sophie Hanniet has transformed the classic style of the apartment with these translucent panels of industrial style.


To delimit the space of the hall without cutting off the entrance of natural light from the living room, this structure was created in iron and glass. As you can see is a solution that is very much in vogue for its vintage and industrial appearance.


When the screen has a metal structure or large enough PVC it ​​is best to paint the structure in white or light gray so that it does not stand out excessively from the glass it frames.


Except, of course, that the environment is neutral and we want to mark a bit of contrast using a dark color in the frames.


As we are seeing the separation by screens and glass panels can be used in any area of ​​the house, from the hall to the bedrooms. Also forming an active part of the decoration and not only as practical accessories.


Just look a little you will find your special solution. Taking into account also that the closings with glass are much cheaper than any other construction work that we can order.


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