Separate environments with vertical stands of pots

With these vertical supports for pots that we can find in Ikea, it is easy to create a separator of natural and organic environments. If the space in our house is scarce we will achieve with this separator to distinguish the environments without breaking the space, the light will be able to continue arriving everywhere and we will have a beautiful natural decoration.

Natural separator of environments 1

If you also like indoor plants better than better, you will have two elements in one. The separator and your small indoor garden, although not so small because if we place a row of 4.5 or 6 vertical supports of these or similar, you will have a good number of pots where you can grow many plants.

Natural separator of environments 2

You will have to study well the location of the supports to choose the most suitable plants to the specific conditions of your space. You will have to take into account the light needs of the plants that you want to grow in those pots.

Natural separator of environments 3

The most interesting of these supports, in addition to the ease with which we can separate environments with several of them is that they are quite economical and you will not need to make a large investment to separate the environments you want. The model is called IKEA PS2012 and consists of three pots placed in vertical position, is made of metal and painted with white paint.

Natural separator of rooms 4

In situations of very little light or that you do not like to have plants at home for whatever reason you can always put artificial plants or dry flower arrangements. It is not necessary that you create a garden in your house to use these practical vertical supports. They can be adapted to multiple decorative ideas.

Photos: ; Furniture in Ikea

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