Scandinavian apartment with pop-art and Provencal details

A decorative base following the canons of the most pure Scandinavian allows to devise from this one fusion of styles of the most attractive. This is what has been done in this apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden, cradle of this unmistakable art.

Scandinavian loft with pop art details 1

To create a more personalized style based on Scandinavian, different trends have been used: classicism, Provencal airs and nuances of pop-art style which, superimposed and combined together, make the interior design of this house worthy of study.

Scandinavian loft with pop art 3 details

Scandinavian loft with pop art 4 details

The typical Scandinavian white adds an exquisite color palette: from the warmth and romanticism of red, pink and violet tones, to the expressionism of orange, the beauty of green and the sobriety of gray or black. All of them form a pictorial picture that makes the bright interior of this apartment an ideal place for day to day life.

Scandinavian loft with pop art details 5

Pop-art is appreciated in the different details that can be seen in each space: a pop object, a film image ... In the living room we find a modernist painting presiding over the wall. The Provencal details are found in the exquisiteness of the floral centers and the finishing of some furniture, for example those beautiful chairs in the kitchen, or in the own crockery, with the stamp of Provence in its finish.

Scandinavian loft with pop art 2 details

In the rest of the house a small stylistic change towards a more romantic air is appreciated, from the softness of the wall paper to the beautiful headboard of the bedroom.

Scandinavian loft with pop art 6 details

But the true romantic charm awaits us almost at the end, in its spectacular balcony, so welcoming for its incredible views towards the port as for its decoration so warm and comfortable. A small house that brings together the best of all trends, makes them their own and transforms them into delicate interiors.

Scandinavian loft with pop art 7 details

Scandinavian loft with pop art details 8


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