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The Sailor style not only has he triumphed in the last year in the world of fashion, but in decoration he has also been very successful. Mainly you can use it in the summer months, although you can also use it in autumn-winter if you know how to adapt it to the characteristics of that time of the year.

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Of course, if you get tired of it the best thing is that you bet to use it only in the summer, as it is when more chord will go. The marine colors are the main protagonists of this style, which plays with combinations of green, blue and white and with decorative elements that remind the sea like starfish, shells, shells, boats, sand ... The stripes are also very important, in You can use the vertical stripes, for example, to paint the walls in white and dark blue or also for textile elements such as duvet covers.

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In the living room you can use furniture in neutral colors such as white, beige or dark blue, making combinations between them with the sofa, chairs, table, dresser or any other furniture you have in that room. It also uses some curtains in these colors although its tonality should also depend on the amount of light that enters your home to be able to take advantage of natural light as much as possible.

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The bathroom is an ideal place to apply, especially in accessories such as the bottle for the toothbrush, the soap dish, the towel rack and many more. Get a boat with sand and also put a couple of shells to decorate that room, and in the shower or bathtub you can put stickers whose design is starfish, boats, fish ... A style that you can get a lot out of any stay the house and during any time of the year.

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