Sailor air cookers

Whether you have to decorate your house on the beach or just want to add a touch of seafood to the kitchen of your home here you will find a few ideas, we hope good, to decorate your kitchen. Recreate a marine environment will bring freshness, friendliness and ease to your kitchen. Besides, it will be like extending your vacation by the sea. The main idea is to look for colors, materials and objects that remind us of the sea, let's see how we can do it.


There is no Sailor style properly speaking, we can actually use any decorative style. It is more about recreating an environment that reminds us of the sea in the decoration of our kitchen. It can be very obvious, with typical objects of the sea, or more subtly using colors and shapes that make us fly the imagination.


The natural materials, untreated wood, stone, vegetable fibers are elements that can make us remember our memory of the sea.



The turquoise color, the aquamarine and the whole range of blues will be the colors that we will have to use to create that environment that we are looking for. After all, it's the colors of the sea.



They are also colors that combine well with each other and also with wood, we have already said that it is important. Without forgetting of course the white, the color of the foam, the one that crowns the most beautiful waves.



Among the objects that will be best we have those that reproduce marine animals and especially the lamps that have a design related to the sea.




It is quite simple to create an atmosphere that reminds us of the sea, as you can see in the images that we accompany, it is not necessary to use the right colors and some decorative objects that make us think of the beach and the sea.


And as always it is better to point, to insinuate, than not to exceed using too many reasons related to the theme that we want to mark our decoration; in the case at hand, the sea.

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