Rustic style tables with recycled woods

Wood is a prodigious material created by Nature and that Humanity has always known how to take advantage of. It is a pity that a material that has cost Nature so much to produce and men to work ends up discarded in a bad way simply because he is old. Luckily it seems that the conscience of men and fashion, everything must be recognized, are making old wooden furniture have a new possibility in our homes.

Rustic style tables 10

After this cruel tirade simply invite you to take a look at this selection of tables recovered or made with recycled wood that we show you today.

Country style tables 1

Country style tables 2

Country style tables 3

According to the decoration that we have in the room and according to our personal taste we can use these rustic tables as we get them or give them a coat of paint to integrate them better in the space. Exception made of the one you can see in the picture immediately above that is simply a true work of art both of Nature and the craftsman who built it, and does not need, as much, more than a simple polished with natural waxes and absolutely nothing else .

Country style tables 4

Country style tables 5

We speak of rustic tables and as you can also appreciate in this there are different degrees and the choice will depend on each one. From the classic pallet to which wheels are added to turn it into a coffee table to an old and heavy wooden door, with included hardware, mounted on trestles.

Country style tables 7

Country style tables 8

Country style tables 9

In any room of the house we can install one of these tables that will not only cover the practical need that is expected of it, but will also bring an enormous vital baggage with its aesthetics and its particular history.

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