Rugs of trapillo: handmade decoration for your house

More and more people are joining the world of sewing to make their own clothes, bags, baskets and rugs, among many other things. We are going to review some of these creations focused on decorating the floor of our home. Carpets made with much art and a lot of dedication, one hundred percent manufactured. You will love it!

Decorate with trapillo carpets01

Surely many of you do at home your own scarves, quilts, crochet jerseys, cross stitch or crochet ... The trapillo It is a cotton material that can be acquired also by tangles, like wool. It comes from the remains of other pieces left over from the factories, which are mixed for later reuse. With this material you can do everything from carpets to bedspreads, dresses, winter clothes, blankets, basketry, puffs ... a multitude of ideas that, with patience, care and expertise, can be carried out to decorate our house in a way totally economical to the "do it yourself" mode that is so much worn now.

Decorate with trapillo carpets02

Decorate with carpet of trapillo03

And there are people endowed with a lot of talent, capable of doing some amazing things, like the ones we see in these attached images. Amazing creations in a multitude of colors, in the "patchwork" style. It's just a matter of picking up the needles, choosing the color and what we're going to do, and learning very calmly and, above all, throwing hours. You will get results as fascinating as these.

Decorate with carpet of trapillo04

Decorate with trapillo carpets05

Decorate with carpet of trapillo07

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