Rooms with Nordic air for the little ones

If you have little ones at home, surely there are still things to decorate your rooms that you have not been able to solve. Style, colors, furniture, bedding, how to organize your toys. There are so many things to take care of, that sometimes it can be a headache.


Deciding a style for your room can be one of the most difficult tasks, but it will be essential to be able to start and make the rest of the things to be decided a lot easier. If there is a style that is ideal for the little ones, it is the Nordic. But always with a good dose of color.



The color is elementary in its environment and nothing better than a white base to fill it with bright colors. In addition to painting and furniture, we can add color with the bedding and other fabrics for your room. And have you thought that for this you do not need to leave the house? You can make your purchases from the comfort of your home and take advantage of your free time to do so. You can buy in Donurmy everything you need and make your room look amazing.



If there is an object with which you can work the Nordic style is the bedding. The children's Nordic covers and the variety in which we can find them will allow us to give a unique style to the space. We can play with designs and colors and always get different results. Have you seen the examples of the photographs?



And to that bedding with Nordic air, we can add furniture with simple lines, spaces for keeping all your toys and books and never forget to add cushions and a lamp.



It is important that the room is never too full and that we respect the spaces for circulation and play of the children. Do not forget that in the Nordic style, in addition to simple lines and color, it is very important to respect the spaces and try to place more furniture than necessary.








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