Rooms in pink and black for girls

These rooms for girls in pink and black They are very carefree. We have chosen these colors as protagonists because of the interesting contrast they create. Pink, especially pastel pink, is a more boyish and fresh color, while black puts the note of seriousness and depth. The pink fuchsia, on the other hand, provides energy, vitality and establishes a magical and mysterious aura. Together, black and pink constitute a special atmosphere, romantic and elegant, always modern and uninhibited. Everything will depend on the amount of pink or black that we put, as well as the range of pink tones that we use.

Rooms in pink and black1

Both colors complement each other giving rise to rooms that are a world full of personality and fantasy, with a neo-Gothic air as original as it is beautiful. In these rooms there is no lack of small decorative details and signs of identity, which are what make up the microcosm of teenage girls. A small universe apart from adults, full of sophistication and a lot of charm. Pastel pink walls, lamps, bedspreads, quilts and furniture in pink with the counterpoint of glamor, style and daring black.

Rooms in pink and black2

Rooms in pink and black3

Rooms in pink and black4

Rooms in pink and black5

Rooms in pink and black6

Rooms in pink and black7

Rooms in pink and black8


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