Rooms for twins

Ideas to worship at first sight. If you are expecting twins and do not know how to decorate the room for them, here are some ideas.

Rooms for twins-09

Decor to enjoy between big and small. With lovely details and light, simple and bright colors; colors full of life and incredible details so that the kids who just come home feel comfortable.
It is wonderful to see the details that have been created. In these rooms the rest spaces have been planned, for games, for storage of toys as well as clothes.
The colors pink, light blue, pastel and light yellow are chosen together with white to frame every detail.
Undoubtedly the future mom will enjoy these proposals of decor .

Rooms for twins-02

Rooms for twins-03

Rooms for twins-01

Rooms for twins-08

Rooms for twins-06

Rooms for twins-05

Rooms for twins-04

Rooms for twins-07

Photos: quartodebebe

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