Rooms for girls in pink and white

The bedrooms y juvenile bedrooms They tend to stand out for the great attractiveness of their colors and other details that consolidate these spaces. We often find this decision, that of choosing the colors for a room, when it is time to renew the decorative style. From here we take the opportunity to propose two colors for girls rooms that will create amazing atmospheres: the pink and the White .

Bedrooms in pink and white 1

Both colors complement each other perfectly, creating bright and eye-catching spaces. To the clarity of the white we add a range in pink (from the lightest pink to its most energetic range, that of fuchsia) and in this way we will have the most appropriate style for a girl's bedroom.

Bedrooms in pink and white 2

Bedrooms in pink and white 3

With the rose we can give those romantic and personal touches that every youth bedroom needs so that your tenant feels perfectly at ease. Pink is a color that creates a universe of its own, from its presence in small nuances and accessories to its absolute prominence in bedding, wall painting, headboards or even in furniture.

Bedrooms in pink and white 4

Bedrooms in pink and white 5

Having clear the style in which you will decorate a bedroom, we will choose a range of pink. Surely we will choose the softest rose for romantic and vintage rooms, and a range in fuchsia or neon for more dynamic and explosive environments. White is always going to act as the base color, a bit as a counterpoint, adding all the strength of the light it gives off.

Bedrooms in pink and white 6

Bedrooms in pink and white 7

In addition, we can always add more colors to this extraordinary tandem, thus helping to consolidate atmospheres. Try other tones such as orange, yellow, black or green, expressive allies that will help you give the bedroom a lot of style.

Bedrooms in pink and white 8


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