Rooms for children with Christmas style

The little ones also deserve that their rooms are impregnated with Christmas style . Therefore, we have made a selection of the best and most charming bedrooms for children. With its own character, a very typical decoration of these special dates and all the possible illusion is next Christmas it will become an event for the little ones to whom we will give all the protagonism of a party that, although we celebrate it also the adults, does not stop being especially for them, for the kings of the house.

Children's bedrooms with Christmas style

Christmas style and sweet childhood by John Lewis

Fairy tale

A precious four-poster bed in hope color tones , paper on the walls reminiscent of the most tender childhood of parents and grandparents; one of the most romantic proposals that will surely thrill the little ones because of their relationship with fairytale forests. As it appears in the image, it is recommended to complement these bedrooms for children with Christmas style with a dressing table and armchair like the one in the photo, or, an old-fashioned desk.

Christmas style four-poster bed

Christmas-themed canopy bed.
It may seem exaggerated to put in the middle of a room the carriage of Cinderella as decor , however, in the concept of bedrooms for children with Christmas style also enter all those rooms that challenge fantasy because Christmas is also fantasy within the argument of the smallest. Thus, a papier-mâché tree or paper butterflies fluttering through the ceiling are options that more and more painters dare to do for private homes .

Rooms for children fantasy

Rooms for children of fantasy.
And what about a room with decoration for the superheroine or the superhero of the house ? It is true that normally four-poster beds or carriages seem to be predestined for girls, but this does not have to be the case. Gender differences are lagging behind and both girls and boys marvel at similar things such as the great comic book heroes with their superpowers.

Children's rooms for superheroes.

Modernity and Christmas style united

In the right environment, the little ones can develop their skills as in the children's rooms with Christmas style like the one that follows. With green tones - along with red and gold are the most Christmas that exist - this room is an amusement park for any child , with a careful decoration.

Bedroom for children with Christmas style.
As if it were the clearest sky, the following proposal addresses again the idea of ​​a canopy bed renovated so that both girls and boys can enjoy it without fears that adults do not consider it appropriate for one gender or another. This in particular, as it is a children's room in the Christmas style, presents some hanging stars that give the room a very youthful and picturesque appearance . In addition, the decoration is also composed by the typical Christmas socks.

Bedrooms for children with Christmas style

Modern bedroom with Christmas style.

Ideas to decorate the children's bedroom in the Christmas style

In addition to the previous models, we must bear in mind that Christmas is also a period to dream, to share and to elaborate as a family. Therefore, why not make some homemade stars between parents and children and then hang them on the wall?

Room of a thematic hotel

Room of a thematic hotel as inspiration.
Also, one of the More original ideas is to create a Christmas tree just for children's bedrooms . For this, it will be enough to place two or three small artificial trees for sale on any large surface. You can also choose to place serpentine and other Christmas items.

Photos: hanover ; 86073 ; femaleways ; decorati0ns ; roomenvy

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