Rooms for children in full color

In these rooms for boys and girls , the role of color has been sought. Cheerful and lively colors responsible for creating a magical universe, where the child can play, dream and study in a pleasant, warm and full of energy.

rooms for children 1

The use of colors full of life enhance the most playful side of the bedrooms, where the child unleashes his imagination and develops his sensory world to the fullest.

rooms for children 2

rooms for children 3

Yellows, blues, oranges, violets and red dominate the decoration of these wonderful children's bedrooms, endowing them with dynamism and charm.

rooms for children 4

rooms for children 5

In blue, the room looks sporty and cozy. The yellow, orange and green are very bright and infect joy and optimism. The purple is ideal to fill the environments of beauty and romance. Red expresses vivacity and personality. The salmon orange brings cleanliness and order to a simple and very balanced room.

rooms for children 6

In addition to color, the decoration is full of small details such as fun abstract patterns, floral, butterflies ... and another series of fun symbols that give the room a tone as casual as flattering.

rooms for children 7

As you can see, the use of color can contribute a lot to the decoration. It is a fact that we must take into account, especially when the room becomes the place where children will spend most of their time, because, strange as it may seem, colors can influence our state of mind

rooms for children 8


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