Rooms decorated in Scandinavian style

The rooms decorated in Scandinavian style are so bright and relaxing that they are ideal to rest properly. The feeling of cleanliness that they transmit is incomparable and although according to some critics they are somewhat cold, we just have to add our personal touch to make them cozy.


This room in white is not so cold thanks to the decoration in black spots on the wall and the warm touch of the wood. The dresser with its geometric design and the George Nelson bench are an extraordinary addition, as is the Eames rocking chair.



The typographical decoration on the walls is very well in the Nordic style because you get a good ornament and an interesting contrast. The spiked floor is wonderful and coordinates very well with the wicker basket and the Eames chair.


This space was decorated for a contest organized by Airbnb, the interior accommodations created by Melissa Hegge use only Norwegian design objects, some of which are prototypes. The apartment occupied the highest point of the famous Holmenkollbakken ski jumping hill in Oslo.


Curious decoration in which the hangers are in view and what look like wardrobe doors hide the bathroom. An excellent idea that brings an ironic touch to this Nordic decoration with a certain classic flavor.


A minimalist space that gathers everything necessary to rest and clean without any superfluous element.


A warm and cozy atmosphere with a certain classic and timeless air. Highlights the drawings of animals and the dresser with geometric decoration and style 50s.


The wooden frieze plus the floor and textiles make this room a warm and cozy place. To highlight the impressive armchair of Danish Hans Wegner.


Rustic and industrial are the accents of this urban bedroom, small and cozy despite the large amount of light that bathes it.


Yes, in a Nordic-style bedroom, everything does not have to be white. This cheerful room only makes use of blue and red to give a new look to the style or rather to the prejudices that usually cause.


Elegance and tradition is what this bedroom transmits. Typography, brick wall and exquisite furniture.


An ideal space for a young and current princess. Furniture of clear lines and soft tulles to increase the vaporous effect that transmits the technique of painting the bricks.


A strong personalization and a charming and classic furniture are not incompatible with the Nordic style as we can see in this clear example.


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