Room dividers for the living room

In the lofts and the open spaces that are so widely used today, it is necessary to separate the rooms to take better advantage of the space. The designers of these spaces have used a wide variety of room dividers to achieve a fluid and functional space.


In this case the separator allows to create a received in the living room. It is avoided so that nothing else to enter house we find ourselves with this ample space.


In this modern style house, a room divider has been built with wooden slats that combine well with the abundant wood of the house.


This curved wall separates the bedroom from the living area in this ultra-modern loft.


Another receiver stolen from the living room thanks to a wooden slat separator. Separating without removing light or sight is an essential requirement in many of these solutions.


Following the same trend, a small living room has been created in this ample multifunctional space.


This metallic structure with mirrors and textured metal separates the hall while concealing the access staircase to the upper floor.


On this occasion, part of the available space has been reserved to create a home office. The frosted glass spacers do not diminish luminosity and provide privacy.


This original room divider made with wooden blocks separates the dining room from the living room in a very original way.


The use of a shelf like the one we see here allows us to create separate environments while offering a good storage or exhibition capacity.


Another great solution is the double-sided chimneys, separate and heat the environment.


Another room separator made with wooden slats. It is a solution widely used for its ease of installation, warmth and functionality.


This fantastic wall made with reclaimed wood fits perfectly in this small loft.


This design screen is also a good option, in this case it is also mobile and we can place it where we need it.


The glass panels with rail system allows to open and close the different environments according to the needs of each moment.

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