Room decoration in pink and gray

Choose two or three tones and combine them is usually one of the most common ways when decorating bedrooms. Walls, furniture and bedding are dyed the chosen ranges to design a uniform and bright space. Among the wide palette of tones to choose, we bring an extremely interesting proposal bedrooms in pink and gray .

Rooms in pink and gray 1

The neutrality and elegance of the gray is softened by the sweetness of the rose, which brings a more colorful note to the set. Both colors, apparently opposite, complement each other perfectly, giving rise to interiors that, as we can see, gain space, volume and a sense of comfort.

Rooms in pink and gray 2

While some people choose to decorate with more energy with these two colors, others prefer just a few strokes that mark only some aspects, opting for a final color softer, but just as valid and effective. Like everything in decoration, it's a matter of taste!

Rooms in pink and gray 3

Rooms in pink and gray 4

In addition, we can play with different shades within the same range: more electric shades of gray and pink for more youthful looking bedrooms; fuchsia pink if the room is feminine; and more subdued nuances of both combined with white, for example, if it is a bedroom for more sophisticated and classic palates.

Rooms in pink and gray 5

Let's play with the tones, combine with other more neutral colors, and also play with the use of these colors in bedding and accessories, including furniture, curtains and wallpaper. In this way we will obtain results as wide, fascinating and disparate as those we see, always starting from the same chromatic base. It is the magic of decoration.

Rooms in pink and gray 6

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