Romantic rooms with green details

A room it can be more romantic in green tones thanks to the warmth and serenity of this color. The green, in any of its ranges, is a fresh, natural and relaxing color that, as we have seen in other occasions, achieves very beautiful spaces with its magnetic presence.

Romantic rooms in greens 1

For all this, green is a good choice to build more romantic environments, bedrooms where the decoration in this style is added a color that highlights each detail very accurately. In this case, green will be our best ally.

Romantic rooms in greens 2

Combined with white, lemon green, a tone a little more energetic than its generic, creates harmonious spaces, where you can really enjoy the smoothness of every detail. In other ranges, such as mint green, we will have timeless spaces, with a more classic and distinguished look. Other secondary colors such as pink or violet are very good at this tone.

Romantic rooms in greens 3

For ranges such as pistachio green, the secondary tones with which this color best combines are blue, yellow (a very soft yellow) and gray.

Romantic rooms in greens 4

In mint green, the best complementary ones are white and gray. With them we will obtain spaces with a nostalgic point, very appropriate to give it an air of decadent romanticism.

Romantic rooms in greens 5

Finally, do not forget that every detail of a bedroom is special. Therefore, we combine this green with other tones or use it as the only color, we can add accessories and objects with a marked romantic character, such as crystal lamps, bedding with a specific design, stylish bedside tables, pillows and cushions special ... All this helps to deepen this style with great dynamism.

Romantic rooms in greens 6

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