Romantic rooms in blue

The blue in its softer range is a great choice to give the bedroom one more air Romantic . The softness and delicacy of these tones (including turquoise) help to create a much more subtle and bright atmosphere that can be reinforced through different details within the overall decoration.

Romantic bedrooms in blue 1

An unbeatable idea is to use a light blue with white, a perfect mix to build environments with an innate elegance. To this we add a decoration with accessories that reinforce this romantic air (a cage, curtains, a floral complement) and we will have an inspired and evocative result, full of light.

Romantic bedrooms in blue 2

Blue is a very versatile color that can be the best ally in very different environments. In the case that concerns us, that of creating rooms with a light and subtle decoration, their presence is reinforced if we combine them with secondary colors that are also soft: pastel ranges, violet or brushstrokes of green and yellow.

Romantic bedrooms in blue 3

The blue may be present on the walls, thus reinforcing this aura of romanticism. But we can also (and should) use it in bedding, in some furniture, curtain or other type of accessory that has strength within this space.

Romantic bedrooms in blue 4

We complement with mirrors, paintings, some tapestry or romantic furniture ... The idea is that blue is the dominant color, but mix with other tones to achieve a balance and harmony, main virtues for spaces of romantic type.

Romantic bedrooms in blue 6

You can see that it is easy to achieve this style in a bedroom thanks to the visual strength of a color such as blue, which in its clearest range is associated with delicacy and innocence, to spaces where the decoration is taken care of and has an air more flirtatious That is why it is also a great chromatic option for very different bedrooms: for the master bedroom, youth rooms, guest rooms or for the baby's room.

Romantic bedrooms in blue 5


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