Romantic living rooms

If you want your living room to have a romantic aspect, you must merge different elements in the final composition. Decorative accessories, vaporous fabrics, floral centers, prints and pastel-colored ranges are some of the most used resources to achieve this attractive effect.

Romantic style rooms 1

In a living room with a romantic look you can not miss velvet curtains, frames of golden frames, chandeliers, vases and furniture that oscillates between rustic and vintage. Appliances with relief, instead of smooth surfaces, and velvet armchairs are quite common in these rooms wrapped in romanticism and fantasy, spaces that open up thanks to the light and a sense of absolute timelessness.

Romantic style rooms 2

Combining pastel tones, cream tones and also ocher is another way to find that package full of romance and mystery for any room with romantic airs. Vintage decorations and feline prints add style and dynamism. The borders of the wall and the geometry emphasize that aspect of the nostalgic era.

Romantic style rooms 3

The white color can not be absent in romantic environments, as neither can violet and pink. Furniture with metallic appearance, beautiful mirrors, chandeliers and framed photographs are other contributions that will help to achieve a unique, feminine and romantic atmosphere.

Romantic style rooms 4

Romantic style rooms 5


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