Romantic atmosphere in the lounge

The salons with Romantic atmosphere They evoke sophisticated and very elegant atmospheres. With different nuances we can get a romantic style without having to recharge the room or have to stick to the purest romanticism. The best thing is that these environments adapt easily to different styles, since different resources can be used to achieve a romantic and eclectic lounge. Thus we will give this room of the house its own personality.

Romantic decoration in the living 1

The most romantic ranges of colors range from white to violet, passing through light blue, pastel pink, gray or green. But you can also create incredible environments with gray, yellow, pearl, toasted and cream tones. All of them in their softest version. The aesthetic richness of these chromatic ranges will bring delicacy and elegance.

Romantic decoration in the living room 2

Romantic decoration in living 3

Inside the romantic furniture we can find canapés, armchairs, sideboards, furniture with built-in mirror, tables with reliefs and ornaments, showcases ... But, as we said, all furniture can work in these scenarios without having to stick one hundred percent to the patterns of romantic style . The chimneys also function as exclusive romantic ornaments, and the vaporous curtains help to configure these atmospheres so evocative. Another option is to introduce some complement in rustic or in a more avant-garde style, with whose presence we will enrich the place, transcending towards a more eclectic style.

Romantic decoration in living room 4

Romantic decoration in living 5

As accessories, are all those accessories that help create highly comfortable and stylish spaces: cloth cushions, flowers, candles, antique mirrors, glass tables and colorful carpets in various fabrics. In this way, we will create a lively and full of visual suggestions, ideal for our room.

Romantic decoration in the living 6

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