Reuse drawers as decoration

Sometimes, when the furniture ages or goes out of style, they end up becoming another item within the home. But if you want the lifespan of these appliances to continue, there is nothing better than recycling. Imagine the things that can be done with old chairs, cabinets, tables ... Nothing further, we propose some great options that you can do with the drawers of any cabinet or antique table.

Using drawers in decoration 1

Give them a new coat of paint or varnish is one of the first options for these drawers are transformed into another object full of utility. But they can also keep up with their current appearance and pass them off as vintage furniture. A good idea for those corners where you always need a side table , to place the phone, some books or magazines, or a vase with flowers. Also in the kitchen you can devise new uses for these drawers: shelves, containers, cabinets, supports for cutlery ...

Using drawers in decoration 2

Using drawers in decoration 3

Using drawers in decoration 5

In the room, placed in such a way that resemble a bookshelf , you can improvise a special place to place your most appreciated books, photographs and ornaments.

Using drawers in decoration 4

The use that can be given to a simple drawer, detached from your furniture, can be very different. Dare to try and you will find really original and fascinating results, like this one, furniture cobblers for the receiver:

Using drawers in decoration 6


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