Retro Style: It's fashionable !!! (Part II)

In addition, this phenomenon not only occurred with the decoration accessories, but also with the aforementioned furniture have been reproduced almost identical to the design furniture, so they have become accessible to more people.


This does not mean that you have to buy everything new, that it must be an exclusive design, or that you have to invest a lot of money, that's what it's about, to save. To your modern furniture, you change them with an accessory, or with classic pieces of those times.
If you do not have any retro furniture, simple changes in decoration and colors. For example, he resorts to geometric shapes, especially circles and rectangles, with a striking combination of colors, which you can find in carpets and carpets. Use them sparingly, so as not to exaggerate. You will create a retro atmosphere with a touch of topicality.


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